Equity Strategy

Short Term Delivery Calls
Short term calls based on technical’s which can give you 7 to 10 % in 4 to 6 weeks. Our Charges will be Rs 1000 for 4 calls. All calls will be with stop loss. Stop loss will be on closing basis. Stop Loss will be around 2%-2.5%. If Stop loss is triggered it will compensated by a free fresh call

Medium Term Delivery Calls
Holding period is one year. Target return of 25% plus. Stop Loss will be 5%.Our Charges are Rs 1000 per stock

All Calls are based on Technical Analysis.  Only Fundamentally solid stocks will feature in our calls.

Stocks……..Please do not blindly invest in all stocks for which your get a recommendation. Follow the following rules

  • Sequential Growth in Sales numbers quarter after quarter
  • EPS Growth compared to previous year
  • Total Sales to Net Profit .....Bottomline
  • Return on equity for the company to be at least 35%......i.e. if the share capital is Rs 10 crores then the company should make a minimum of Rs 3.5 crores as profit per annum
  • Promoter holding to be minimum 51%. The higher the promoter holding better for the investor.

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